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  • 100% cotton
  • 20" x16"
  • spot clean with warm water. Can be machine washed in delicates setting. Works well when ironed and starched.
  • shipping $3.00 per single item, $5.00 per set of 2 to 8
  • A mix of stripes in tones of Blue, Grey, Ivory and black

Curated Set of 4 Place Mats in Mixed Patterns

SKU: 0005
  • A curated set of four place mats, with a different stripe pattern each. Tones of blue, grey, ivory and black are dynamic and harmonious.

    A modern design executed in a centuries old technique. Meticulously dyed and woven by hand in Patzcuaro, Mexico.

    Created by Adame textiles, a multi generational  family of master artisans. All products are woven in hand looms that preserve skills and traditons passed down for generations. Irregularities in the textile are due tot his artisanal process and add to its charchter and beauty.

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