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We have been together now for 25 years and one thing we hardly ever argue or disagree over is interior design. it helps that we share the same tastes and design sense, but we also help each other if one of us takes the wrong path or give encouragement when one is pushing a new or different concept. We both bring a similar experience to this collaboration. Huguette comes from a Fashion design and I from a fine art printmaking background. Both of us have a very tactile, sensory approach and we both have a great understanding of color and space.

Some years back we started to weekend in the Hudson Valley and fell in Love with the area so much that we decided to buy a place. After some time looking in different areas, we finally found an old farmhouse in Northern Duchess county. This is where we really developed our passion and design sense. We almost totally gutted the house, which is really scary for anyone who hasn't done so before , but at the same time totally liberating.

The Hudson valley is not only so rich in its food producers, but also its artisinal and crafts folk. it has an abundance of old barns and stores selling all kinds of used or vintage house and garden items that is wonderful for finding unique pieces that may just need a little cleaning or perfect for repurposing. This enviroment has been ideal for us to develop our design aesthectics. Combined with the wonderful array of artists and small producers that are selling online today, we now have the resources to really offer a versatile, efficient and enjoyable interior design service.

Huguette -

I was born in Mexico, surrounded by passion and color. At sixteen I left home to study in London where I gained a Masters degree in fashion design from St. Martins. This led to a career that has spanned 20 years,  and brought me to New York, where I served as VP of design for Donna Karan Collection.

My work has given me the opportunity to travel the world looking for inspiration. Whilst searching for fabrics, colors, textures and shapes, I developed a passion for the hunt. Discovering beauty where it is not immediately obvious and creating a context that allows it to shine. It's all in the mix.


Ian - 

I grew up in London, UK. From an early age i had a passion for photography and print. After some years travelling and learning as much as i could about many printmaking techniques  old and new, i enventually set up ThePrintRoom. A digital fine arts printmaking studio. For many years  we led the way in research and development of new printing techniques.

I had the pleasure to work with many innovative artists and photographers. Such as Richard Hamilton, David Bailey, Helen Chadwick, Platon, Julian OPie, Wolfgang Tillmans to name a few. Some of this work is now in the collections of the best Museums and galleries in the world.

Emile -

I was born  in New York in 2009. I love my dog Pepper, who is a Sheepadoodle. I love to play soccer. And i sometimes help my Mum & Dad choose a color when they can't decide.

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