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If you need design guidance, or are looking to refresh for a single room or a couple of spaces, e design is the way to go.


We charge a flat design fee of $1,800 per room. This fee is easily absorbed by the savings that come from buying furniture directly from makers and small businesses. With our three simple steps you will easily create a beautiful space, finished within your budget and time frame, that express your style without having to schedule a meeting or even leave your home.

STEP1 - Concept.

You email us pictures and measurements of the room you want to decorate as well as any inspiration images and a completed design questionnaire. We connect with you, by phone or video, so we can get to know you and what you want from your space, then we obsessively search for the right mix of pieces: unique, vintage, contemporary and hand made, and  curate them to help unlock your point of view. In collaboration with you, we create a concept board customized to fit your space, style and budget. This will help you visualize how all the items in your room work together.



STEP 2 -  Space.

Once the concept board has been finalized, we send you a floor plan, drawn to scale, so you can see exactly where and how each piece fits in the room and 3 renderings so you can experience how it will look from various angles. See examples below.






STEP 3 - Execute

Finally, we send you a PDF with links to everything in your design so you can execute it at your pace. This will include introductions to unique makers and businesses as well as instructions for any custom pieces.

Contact us to get started!

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