Hapeman Hill is a full service interior design service for projects large and small, mixing high and low. Our focus is finding affordable, artisanal products that are unique and make a statement.


Collaborating closely with our customers, we create uncluttered but distinctive rooms that are as beautiful as they are liveable. Our style is grounded in a neutral palette and organic textures which are enhanced with touches of colour, resulting in chic, elegant spaces designed for real life.


The only thing that is more exciting than creating, is doing it in collaboration.We have vast experience in aesthetic decision making which allows us to guide our customers through each step of the creative process.


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We would get home from school around around 2.30 and have lunch as a family. And then the afternoon would loom, apparently endless, in front of us. (have you noticed how the older you get, the faster time goes?) Sometimes we would knock on the neighbors' door and spend the afternoon roller skating or playing pretend, but other times there seemed like there was nothing to entertain us ...."Mum, I'm bored....What should I do?" My mother would always have a project for us. Mostly these activities were craft based: Sewing clothes for our dolls, baking, drawing, making Christmas decorations and so much more. Her imagination, creativity and ability to communicate and teach was (and still is) endle

choice cuts

My first few years in NYC were incredibly exciting. I was living alone for the first time and, also for the first time, making a decent living. The city seemed like a large playground, full of exciting choices. Chinese/Mexican fusion food in a trendy neighborhood? easy. Cool Boutiques or the largest flagship department stores? all within minutes of each other. In New York City, every type of cuisine and retail experience is at your fingertips. It was exciting to be in the know about what was opening where, to eat in new neighborhoods, explore the shopping options. It was during this period that my obsession with interiors became all consuming. A lot of my free time was spent exploring stores

Chasing shadows

As part of her job, my sister regularly supervises graduate theses at Columbia university. On several occasions, she has told me that designers are particularly hard to work with in this endeavor. When asked why, she will explain that people of this particular profession tend to dislike starting a large piece of work armed only with only a hypothesis (dictionary description; “a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation”) instead, they will often like to start with a designed vision - meaning they have an end point in sight from the beginning. They know, or kind of know, what they want their conclusions to look like