Hapeman Hill is a full service interior design service for projects large and small, mixing high and low. Our focus is finding affordable, artisanal products that are unique and make a statement.


Collaborating closely with our customers, we create uncluttered but distinctive rooms that are as beautiful as they are liveable. Our style is grounded in a neutral palette and organic textures which are enhanced with touches of colour, resulting in chic, elegant spaces designed for real life.


The only thing that is more exciting than creating, is doing it in collaboration.We have vast experience in aesthetic decision making which allows us to guide our customers through each step of the creative process.


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A beautiful light

It started out as necessity. We would visit the furniture stores and dream about being able to afford their wares. Then, armed with desire and inspiration from those visits, we would go to car boot sales, charity shops and look for similar objects to those we’d seen. The search became a habit and, Somewhere along the line, we stopped visiting stores for inspiration. The hunt became the thrill, and we discovered the joy of being inspired by what we found. Seeing the potential in incomplete, displaced or damaged pieces and working to realize this potential started occupying our free time and thoughts. Almost every piece in our home has been re purposed restored or re invented. Some pr

Espanyolet...of tribes and pillows.

Around the age of thirteen I started feeling different. Other. I just didn't fit in. Of course, this made me a typical teenager - a fact that one of my high school teachers pointed out, offending me deeply. clearly, she didn't understand my pain. Just as clearly, irony was not my strong suit. As I got older the feeling of not quite belonging lessened, but never left me. I moved to England from Mexico at sixteen and had the privilege of immersing myself in a completely different culture. This shattered a lot of my social prejudices and allowed me to discover the beauty of individuality and self expression. It was a heady and excting thing. I started listening to Indie rock. Robert Smith of