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Curly hair and minimalism

A friend of mine used to have a theory. He said people with curly hair were less structured, a little more absent minded and more likely to lean towards organic shapes than people with straight hair- or those who straightened theirs. He professed Justin Timberlake was the ultimate proof of his theory. According to him, the singer only became a sex symbol after leaving NSYNC and getting rid of his curls.

I think he might have had a point and often wonder how my life and style might have been different if I had straight hair. I am drawn to minimalist interiors, but inclined by nature to break them up with some warmth and texture. Is it because of the curls?

Recently another friend gave me the opportunity to re- design her living room. She prefers a clean, minimal look and has a head full of gorgeous curls. Hmmmmm....does that blow the curly hair theory out of the water?

The edit is critical in every design but even more obviously so in a more minimal design. Every piece has to be just right in order for the whole to work. We did not want to loose the relaxed warmth of a family home where dogs and kids roam free nor did we want to sacrifice sophistication and simplicity.

Here is our final concept:

Luckily she already had amazing pieces. An original Saarinen Tulip table and the sofa and orange chair. Our goal was to integrate them into a look that was modern, but also warm and organic. We did this by using pale wood with a natural texture and finish. Here are the pieces we chose:

A gorgeous hand made white oak coffee table from Dylan Design Co. Yes, I have shown this one before....obsessed with the simplicity and soul of this piece. Photo from Dylan Design Co. click image for link.

hand made floating shelves that pair the rustic qualities of reclaimed wood with modern and contemporary design from Christopher originals. Photo from Christopher originals. Click image for link.

And finally on the wood front, classic Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs. To highlight the woven seat of this classic design, we added a rattan woven Pouf

from Grass Shanghai, who make a great assortment of handmade straw items. Photo from Grass Shanghai, click image for link.

To add warmth and texture, we threw some soft woolly stuff into the mix - sheepskin pillows and a Beni Ourain rug from the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Splendid rugs sells vintage and contemporary unique hand made rugs. They also make custom sizes in any pattern you like. Photo from splendid rugs. Click image for link

For contrast, sleek pieces in sharp black: a geometric light fixture that echoes the diamond pattern of the rug, and wool pillows in geometric black and white patterns.

Lamp and photo by big tree workshop. Click on image for link:

Earth lab in Israel makes Modern decorative pillows in organic and unique fabrics. Photo from earth lab. Link in photo.

One of my favorite things in this design is the children's desk from Pieces design. They make the most delicious modern furniture for kids. It is shipped flat packed from Israel and interlocks together. Photo from Pieces Design. Click on image for link.

So what do you think? does the curly hair theory stand....? leave your comments below. If you are enjoying Hapeman Hill, please follow us and share it with your friends.

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