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Powder Power

It started with candle sticks, about 9 years ago. I was 5 months pregnant and, being certain my life would be thrown into chaos once I gave birth, my sister and I had decided to take a last trip together. Boston was the perfect destination for our long weekend. We checked into our charming bed and breakfast on Charles street and set out to explore the area. Just a few doors down the road we found an amazing store.

To this day I cannot remember what it was called and for several years I have googled in vain, trying to find it. Set up almost like a gallery, it sold exquisite, unusual and very expensive home goods. We wandered around, silently, mouths hanging open. We didn't buy anything, but went back several times during our trip and carefully analyzed their selection of objects.

I remember the experience well but couldn't really tell you what they sold - with one exception. I clearly remember the sculptural, collection of black candle sticks in different shapes and sizes. they perfectly merged familiarity and tradition with an unexpected modernity. I obsessed about them for years, looking for similar, cheaper versions of them in every store and

e-retailers I came across.

Almost 5 years after the Boston trip, I decided to make a set myself. The plan was to find some good, vintage brass shapes in Etsy or Ebay and spray paint them. I was a little concerned that the paint would wear off with the heat and wax of candles but figured I'd just have to be careful when I used them.


And then, somewhere, I came across a description of powder coating: It is a type of finish that is applied to metal as a free-flowing, dry powder usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher and more durable than conventional paint. It is often used in car repairs and there is a broad range of colors available in the market.

This was an exciting discovery!! If only I could find someone who would do this for me!! so off to google I went. Looking for Powder coaters in the Hudson Valley. I picked a random name from the list of companies from the resulting list and picked up the phone. It was a lucky moment. Gerry, from Technical Coatings answered the phone. He was sweet and patient as I explained my candlestick project and, eventually asked for photos so he could send me a quote.

I didn't realize at the time that this was not something most powder coaters would do- small finicky projects that are complicated and not very lucrative. Gerry found them fun and interesting and so he was willing to play along with our candle holders and the many other objects that followed:

Mid century wire bread baskets, coffee tables, stools, chairs, patio sets... We cannot get enough of this process. Ian dreams of opening a shop stocked only with white metal objects, both decorative and functional. We are endlessly on the lookout for the next item to coat. The pleasures and possibilities of powder coating are endless! Through it, any metal object can be transformed, re invented and given a new lease of life.

This chair was our most recent project. You can find these and other metal chairs in barn sales that have been hanging around outside getting rusty for as little as $20.00. Sometimes we just clean them up a little and keep the rustic look. And sometimes it's really exciting to re - issue giving them a contemporary lease of life.

Technical Coating Corp is located in Kingston, New York and is annexed to an automotive body shop. We love going to see Gerry, exploring his color options (our favorite is Polar white a completely matt pure white that looks like a blank piece of paper) and chatting to him about our projects and others he might be working on: He collaborates with many artists and designers.

We must warn you though. Once you start you will be looking at the potential of all old metal objects to be born again.

Gerry,Thank you for all your help and kindness

We hope that you have enjoyed this blog.Thank you for reading.

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